Your reliable assistant in learning foreign languages.
Instead of dozens of handwritten pages.
Learn foreign languages to break barriers between people
Save learned words to Wordfolio


Forget about notebooks for vocabulary at your language classes. Whenever you learn a foreign word, save it to Wordfolio. The app is always at your fingertips, giving the ability to add the new word in just a few seconds. Wordfolio is designed to let you keep your personal dictionary in iCloud, and therefore access saved words from any of your iOS devices at any time.


Practice new words every day with our smart training system. Wordfolio will remind you to exercise exactly at the time you schedule. Wordfolio is not just your digital notebook for vocabulary. It's your smart assistant in learning foreign words. Helpful for any person that is learning a new foreign language. Indispensable for polyglots who master two, three, ten languages simultaneously!
Trainings help you to memorize words faster
Use groups to find words more easily


Organize your words into groups (by topics, lessons, parts of speech, and so on - whichever you find convenient). Move the words you have properly memorized to Archive. Add words to Favorites. You don’t have to look through tens of pages to recall a word or phrase that you learned a few lessons earlier. With Wordfolio you can find any saved word in just a couple of seconds.


We want to give everyone the ability to learn languages easily and effectively.
So we created Wordfolio to implement this idea.
Get Wordfolio now and start mastering the language of your dream!
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